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Who were you in a past life? Have you ever thought that you existed in a life before this one and wondered who you were? Some people believe that this life is your only one and you don’t go on to another or have had one before and that’s fine. The results through my sessions are far too vivid for them to not be true.

I create the session with a view to gain two past life experiences. Obviously, every session is different, but they are always very interesting. The latest person has regressed to around 1700 but it is very common that your most recent past life is reached. We can discover where you lived, your job, family information and hobbies etc.

The session itself is a little different to a normal hypnotherapy appointment. We literally have a full conversation whilst you are in a relaxed state.

To give an example, I once had a client who vividly recalls travelling through France in the 18th century and specifically an area called Provence. When checking this information afterwards, there was indeed a plague around 1720. These results are common. This client had not even been to France in this life and had no connection to the country at all.

Please feel free to bring someone with you at a past life appointment if you wish.

I would recommend that you bring a recording instrument with you. This session can be performed in person or by zoom/facetime.

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female5 stars

Had a past life regression session with Dave and it was incredible! I couldn’t believe some of the things that I came out with, and I want to have another session to find out more. Definitely recommend to anyone looking into their past life, it’s a good starting point.

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