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Hypnotherapy in Layman’s Terms

Like a lot of therapists, we all have our individual styles of working including procedures and specialisms. There are parts of hypnotherapy and techniques that I like to focus on where other therapists may work differently. What I am trying to say is we are all individual, whether you are a client or a therapist.

Although I touch on the subject on my website, I wanted to highlight within this blog in more detail what hypnotherapy means to me, how I work and what to expect. I have always offered and always will, a free consultation to all my clients. This is beneficial to both of us. I get the opportunity to describe how I work and collect notes on the issues at hand. The client not only experiences the journey to my studio, sits in the therapy chair but also meets me face to face. This means that the next session will be so much more relaxing as all the apprehension and nervousness would have disappeared next time we meet. Also at the consultation, you get the chance to ask as many questions as you wish.

In between the consultation and the hypnotherapy session, I create a therapy plan based on the information collected. This plan will include some relaxation and visualisation work, some techniques which may include metaphors and also some negativity release scenarios.

Lockdown 20/21 – My Personal Journey

I thought that I would share with you some personal information with how I have coped with the last 12 months. I am in a privileged situation. I see so many clients on a day to day basis that share some deep personal details with me. Some of these details they do not share with their closest loved-ones. They trust in me to use this information so that I can prepare a plan for their therapy. I am honoured for them to put their trust in me and in return I prepare the very best sessions for them to make their life better.

I closed my studio in March 2020. Some of my existing clients paused their sessions whist other and new clients started on-line meetings with me. Although beneficial, these zoom sessions can prove to be a little tricky. Sometimes there are “techy” problems and there have been a few pet problems too! Cats jumping on laps and dogs barking have been just a couple of the issues. Phones ringing, motorbikes passing by and people entering the room have also caused problems but all-in-all we have had some great results over the internet.

I help clients with all types of personal issues including erasing fears and phobias, easing anxiety and stress, plus smoking cessation and removing other addictions. Losing weight and trying to get more active and fitter is something I can directly relate to and has proved to be one of the most popular services which I offer.

I use hypnotherapy visions myself and this has partly helped me lose over 6 stones. When I first started on my hypnotherapy journey, I used general positive techniques to help clients lose a few pounds, feel better about themselves and be healthier. The results were fantastic. However, over the last few years I have concentrated on focusing on the fitting of a hypnotic band to help these clients and the results using this method have been even more amazing!


Welcome to my brand new website and I thought I would retrack my steps and guide you through my journey so far.

So, how did my journey to become a successful Hypnotherapist begin? Throughout my working career, I have always enjoyed working with people, firstly as a travel agent and then within the hospitality trade. A few years ago, I started attending mind, body, and spirit events, selling crystals and minerals to the public. I loved the atmosphere at these events. Everyone was lovely, especially the therapists who were presenting their skills. I knew therapy of some kind was going to be my future, but I was not sure which road to take. I met a hypnotherapist at one of these events and I got hooked!

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